Sport for Integration

A project in the north eastern part of Gothenburg to prevent social exclusion


Sport for integration is a project in it´s early phase with the target to prevent social exclusion.



  • Pontus Berger, age 49
  • Married, two sons
  • Started 1985 the floorball club Mölndals Innebandy
  • Has been player, referee, coach, board member in floorball since 30 years
  • Started Mölndals youth tournament 1989. Today it´s the worlds oldest floorball youth tournament in the world
  • Employeed at Volvo Cars since 1989
  • Abscence of leave from the 1st of May to be able to run and drive this project

This project is inspired by an initiative in Borlänge, Sweden, with Somalis playing bandy, www.somaliabandy.com. The aha-experience for the creator of this project was the fact that eight of the Somalis today are studying at collage. Sport is used supporting social integration!


Monday the 25th of May started the Crowd Funding campaign at FundedByMe.com! You now have the opportunity to be an active part in the project! The link is https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/5965/sport-for-integration/.




Pontus Berger and the creator of Somalia Bandy Patrik Andersson. Image Kajsa Kalméus


Sports have always been a way to an active life and breaking social barriers. Target area is the north eastern parts of Gothenburg and initially men at the age of 16 to 25 years. First priority is to have a team ready in October participating in the Gothenburg Floorball league.


The idea creator Pontus Berger has taken leave of absence during one and a half year from his employment to drive this project.


This project is not only focusing on sport. Sport will be used as a tool in order to support integration. By visiting companies, meeting employees, find trainee jobs and role models the target is to sow seeds for future plans and support the team members to develop their full potential!